About Me

My name is Robert Pollai and I am a 41-year-old IT professional based in Vienna, Austria. Working and living in Bangkok for several years revived an old interest in photography, and after moving back to Vienna in early 2009, I continue to shoot when travelling and at home.


About this Site

The-Ninth.com features my photographic work from recent years. Original focus were my journeys through Thailand and South East Asia, however recent years have also brought me to the Middle East, North Africa and the Americas. At home, my favorite subjects are people and portraiture, both in the studio and on-location.

The number 9 was the house number and floor number of my apartment in Bangkok and is considered a lucky number in Thai and Chinese culture.

The photoblog exists since 2007 and is still regularly updated with single photos from whatever occasion I find to pick up a camera. In the gallery, the portfolio shows a small collection of my best photos, while the albums provide in-depth coverage of selected photo shoots or journeys, starting from 2010. Finally, the recently added world map allows access to both photoblog entries and albums by geographic location.

Friends & Inspiration

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About Essentials

This website is based on Essentials, a framework for photo blogs and galleries. Essentials strips away distractions, allowing viewers to focus on the essence of any photo website, the photos. It was developed by Flo and me. The following 3rd party tools were used:

Superfish menu plugin
TouchSwipe plugin
BalanceText plugin